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Today we shall dwell upon the slots 'The Unicorn' that is brand new. The unicorn in almost all human cultures is a unique animal it is both the protector of virgins, and the treasure-keeper, and protects the secret, magical places on the Earth from the penetration of greedy people. Also in eastern cultures, the appearance of a unicorn was considered the right sign of the birth of an extraordinary person a great scientist, emperor or commander. 


There are five drums, they can bet on nine paylines, and each is given the right to bet for a maximum of a hundred credits. The maximum bet for one rotation of the reels is up to 900 conditional credits per spin. Winning simultaneously, you can make up to 9,000 casino bets made by the client, and each of the winnings can be made even more with the help of a risky game. It will only be necessary to indicate the color of the game card that will be offered to the player. If he guesses its color, it will get a double win, and if not, it will lose everything that it had won in this round.

Among the symbols of the game are used the usual fantasy images, similar to the illustration to a good fantasy book the white unicorn himself, the princess living in the secret magical forest, her castle and the griffin that also lives in it, the dwarves that live nearby, the living talking trees and others like fairy symbols. Still used here are the usual images of the nominal values ​​of playing cards, usual for slots. A "wild" symbol is a unicorn that can replace any other symbol during the formation of a winning combination on slots, which makes wins more frequent and more profitable.


He can not replace only the picture with the magic trees this is a scatter. It is paid at any point on the reels and does not depend on the currently activated game lines. In addition, when this scatterer drops three or more images simultaneously, the player is given fifteen free spins with triple winnings. Such a game gives players a lot of different opportunities and chances of winning. In addition, there are quite a lot of bonus games that can bring a lot of additional wins to the player. But you have to be careful, because the game is addictive. There are no additional thematic games or special jackpots of any type in this game.Enjoy all the different slots machines at online casino Playcasinosca.